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GroceryAid kicks off 2016 with campaign against debt

GroceryAid is proud to be working with StepChange this January to raise awareness of debt and offer a helping hand to those in critical need.

With 12% of applicants to GroceryAid experiencing some degree of debt stress it is clear this is an issue for grocery people. Despite this, there are many people who ignore debt problems or are unaware of where to go for help. Debt is a complex issue that can have a severe impact on health and personal wellbeing, so it is vital to tackle it head on.

This month StepChange, a leading debt charity, is offering free and impartial advice through its ‘7 days, 7 ways’ email programme. The programme provides debt support and practical advice, including a debt remedy tool.

You can find out more about the programme at www.stepchange.org or via www.groceryaid.org.uk.

How can GroceryAid help?
Those looking for debt support can also use the confidential GroceryAid Helpline which is manned by professional advisors. It is open 24/7 and 365 days a year and can be found at www.groceryaid.org.uk or on freephone 08088 021122.

“Thank you so much for all your help and support. My life seemed to be a ‘no-where’ path, it just seemed all life was about was debts, hassle and constant stress. You have given me a route to take and I feel life is slowly getting better, and for this I am very grateful.” (GroceryAid Helpline user)

You may also be eligible for financial support from GroceryAid, such as quarterly payments, essential household appliances and crisis grants.

To find out more about how GroceryAid can help please visit www.groceryaid.org.uk, email [email protected] call 01252 875925 or contact the GroceryAid Helpline on 08088 021122.

Notes for Editors:
GroceryAid, the trading name of the National Grocers’ Benevolent Fund, is the charity for the grocery industry (www.groceryaid.org.uk). From the largest factory, to the supply chain, and through to the smallest of stores GroceryAid helps thousands of grocery people all over the UK who have worked, or are working, and who need some extra support to get by. In the coming year we will spend up to £4M on welfare support, both financially and through the GroceryAid Helpline. The Helpline offers support and guidance to all within the industry and is available via our website or on freephone 08088 021122.
The charity raises money through a variety of fundraising events, donations and corporate sponsorship. The help that GroceryAid provides can make a very real difference and it provides not only monetary support, but also appliances and goods that many take for granted.

Worried exhausted young man sits at desk paying bills, head in hands.

Worried exhausted young man sits at desk paying bills, head in hands.

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