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Pancake Day Steals the Nation’s Heart from Valentine’s Day

50% of the UK planning to celebrate Pancake Day with only
41% marking Valentine’s Day

One of the UK’s leading flour brands, Homepride Flour, has released research results showing that over 50% of the UK is planning to celebrate Pancake Day this year, compared to only 41% who plan to mark Valentine’s Day. The YouGov research has been commissioned by Homepride Flour to mark one of the busiest weeks of the year; with festivities including Pancake Day (9th Feb); Valentine’s Day (14th Feb) and Chinese New Year (8th Feb), which will only be celebrated by 6% of the UK.

Homepride Flour is launching an integrated marketing campaign designed to encourage consumers to make pancakes from scratch and drive sales of Homepride’s pre-sieved flour. As research shows that 28% of the UK doesn’t flip their pancakes, the campaign will encourage consumers to #FlipwithFred and will use a combination of social media, PR and advertising to build Homepride Flour’s natural association with Pancake Day and reinforce Homepride Flour’s position as a trusted family flour brand.

Neil Murray, brand manager for Homepride Flour, comments: “Pancake Day resonates with so many consumers but we were still surprised at the findings that demonstrate it is more popular than Valentine’s Day. Traditionally the retail focus has been weighted towards Valentine’s Day but it will be interesting to see if there is a shift in focus following this new insight.”

Homepride Flour has 7.5% value share of the Total Flour Market with 14% share of the standard flour market as a whole.* Last year, Homepride Flour sold almost 1.7m packs of flour in the 3 months running up to pancake day.**
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