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Local suppliers get fired up for barbeque season!

- Burgers and Sausages Top of the Coals at Asda NI

Alan McKeown, Commercial Sales Manager, Doherty & Gray, Brian Conway, Asda Buying Manager Northern Ireland and Trevor Mounstephen, Cookstown Account Manager.

Ballymena based Doherty & Gray and the Karro Food Group have secured listings with the retailer to stock three new lines of much-loved barbeque staples in stores across Northern Ireland.

Doherty & Gray will supply two new products under the company’s Hulls brand – Platinum 6 oz Steak Burgers and 4oz Beef Burgers – with the Karro Group introducing Asda shoppers to its limited edition Cookstown Giant Sausage.

 “Asda currently stocks an extensive range of Cookstown sausages, bacons, cooked meats, gammons and sausage rolls – and we’re delighted to secure this new listing,” explained Trevor Mounstephen, Cookstown Account Manager.

 “Our ongoing business with Asda helps sustain 875 employees at our Cookstown factory and also provides a market place for all our locally sourced pork. The new giant sausage is 66% larger than the normal Cookstown thick sausage and was developed to give consumers greater choice when it comes to sausages for the barbeque this season.”

 Alan McKeown, Commercial Sales Manager, Doherty & Gray commented on changing consumer trends, which have impacted the family-owned company’s new product development,

 “Consumer tastes and expectations are continuing to evolve – and there is growing demand for premium gourmet burgers at an affordable price point. The Hulls Platinum steak burger has a high meat content and is the only retail branded burger of this size available in the NI market with widespread distribution.

 “We use industry leading production methods to deliver a non-regimented rustic burger, which is hand made in appearance. It is this production format, which is driving the growth within the burger category as consumers seek restaurant quality at home.”

 Brian Conway, Asda Buying Manager Northern Ireland said,

 “Burger and sausages are still firm family favourites when it comes to barbeques and we know how important it is for our customers to be able to buy quality local products. We have great relationships with both the Karro Group and Doherty & Gray who continue to invest in the creation of innovative new lines we know our shoppers will love – and I’m sure the new burgers and giant sausage will be no exception!”

 Hulls Platinum 6oz Steak Burgers, Hulls 4oz Beef Burgers and Cookstown Giant Sausages are available in Asda stores across Northern Ireland now.


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