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Thompson Family Teas, with David, Camille, Jamie and Ross Thompson.

Thompson’s Family Teas has experienced record-breaking success at this year’s Great Taste awards. Punjana, Northern Ireland’s

best-selling tea, has stretched its award-winning run to 10 years, a feat achieved by no other blended tea in this all-important

category. The news comes as the Guild of Fine Food, acknowledged as the benchmark for fine food and drink in the UK, has

released itsGreat Taste award winners 2017. Thompson’s Family Teas, which are today still blended by cousins Ross and

David Thompson at their state-of-theart tea blending facility in Belfast, have picked up over 100 Great Taste awards in the last

12 years. Each blend is taste-tested by a Thompson to ensure it meets the exacting standards set by the Thompson family,

which have been passionately adhered to for over 120 years. “To win a Great Taste award is very exciting, but for Punjana to be

recognised by the Guild of Fine Food every year for the past decade is something really special, and is an acknowledgement of

our dedication to importing and blending the world’s finest teas,” said Ross Thompson. “Only the best leaves, which are highly

prized and command a greater price, find their way into our awarding- winning blends.” “It takes a certain amount of courage to

choose what is best over what is most profitable, and we stay focused on sourcing leaves with superior taste and flavour, and simply

can’t be persuaded to do it any other way.” The Thompson family’s love of tea was born in Belfast in 1896 when founder

Robert S Thompson trained in the art of tea tasting and soon became known forhis uncompromising devotion to quality. In the first

few years of the business, tea brands didn’t exist and indeed only began to emerge during the post-war years. In 1900, there were

perhaps 25 tea companies in Belfast, selling their wares in beautiful tea chests around the numerous independent grocery shops up

and down the country. Today, Thompson’s Family Teas is the only mainstream tea company that remains. However, it was in 1955

that the Thompson’s hero brand, Punjana, was born. It launched on television on UTV’s first night of transmission with the now

iconic Pick Punjana Tea jingle. The Punjana name was inspired by second generation James Thompson who, whilst on a shopping trip

to Comber, spied an inscription on the Gillespie monument which read, Punjab. Conscious of India’s reputation for producing some

of the world’s finest tea and thinking that this could be the basis for a great brand name, he consulted with his wife, Lillias, and

together they arrived at the name Punjana. Agreement was then sought from his brother, Tony, and the rest as they say, is history!

Today, the business continues under the leadership of third generation Thompsons, who share in the founder’s passion for

selecting only the best quality andselect teas from the very finest gardens in Assam, Kenya and beyond. Recently, Punjana was

also officially crowned Northern Ireland’s favourite product in The People’s Choice Award 2017 as voted for by the public at

this year’s prestigious Northern Ireland Food & Drink Awards. Thompson’s range of exotic loose leaf teas have been chosen

to be served in some of Northern Ireland’s most iconic locations including the Titanic Ballroom, National Trust properties

and Hastings luxury hotels.



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