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GroceryAid takes to Parliament

Charity targets MPs with awareness drive

GroceryAid takes to Parliament

Dame Caroline Spelman DBE - MP for Meriden and Steve Barnes, GroceryAid Chief Executive

GroceryAid takes to Parliament

Lord Price speaks at the GroceryAid Parliamentary Reception

GroceryAid takes to Parliament

Owen Paterson, MP - North Shropshire and Mandi Leonard, GroceryAid Welfare Director

GroceryAid takes to Parliament

GroceryAid and industry supporters took residence at the Houses of Parliament on January 23rd. The event saw MPs from across the UK come to find out more about the industry charity and the support GroceryAid can provide to those who are working or have worked in grocery.

The event, sponsored by the Federation of Wholesale Distributors (FWD), was introduced by James Bielby, CEO of the FWD who commented; ‘in every parliamentary constituency, there are people in need whose connection to a food manufacturer, wholesaler or grocery store entitles them to the help and advice provided by GroceryAid. However, many potential beneficiaries may not be aware of the counselling and financial support available to them.’

Ruston Smith, Chair of GroceryAid Trustees then highlighted the key ways that GroceryAid can support those in need, with various modes of financial support and emotional assistance through the 24/7 confidential Helpline. Smith also shared insight on the increased strains on the industry and GroceryAid, with the charity ‘last year seeing an 85% rise in crisis grants, with 90% of working age’ and a general ‘30% increase in applications year on year.’

Keynote speaker Lord Price added; ‘GroceryAid is a very special charity. I find it heartening to see just how many people are involved in supporting GroceryAid. It’s wonderful to see the industry join hands and work together.’

GroceryAid is encouraging supporters to continue the momentum by writing to their local MP and to highlight the services offered by the charity. More information about how to do this can be found at https://www.groceryaid.org.uk/news/groceryaid-take-parliament/.

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