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Musgrave looking for NI stars

Are you ready to be part of a top-secret project?

Musgrave Communications Manager, Michael McCrory, announcing an open casting at The MAC in Belfast on March 3.

Wholesale and retail giant, Musgrave, is looking for two people from Northern Ireland to appear in a top-secret project, which will go live in March this year.  They are hoping to cast an adult and a child of either gender in the project and excitingly you don’t need any acting or modelling experience so every man, woman and child (aged 5 and over) in Northern Ireland is able to audition.

Desi Derby, Marketing Director, Musgrave, said: “We are looking for one adult and one child to appear in a project that we’re very excited about. If you have a great sense of humour and are looking for an adventure, then head to The MAC on Saturday March 3 at 10am and you could land a role in our project.  You don’t need any acting or stage experience or be a model to qualify, everyone is welcome to audition!”

Musgrave don’t have any fixed opinions about the type of person they’d like to attend the open casting at The MAC on March 3, explained Desi.

“We’d like to meet people who really embody what’s great about Northern Ireland; whether that’s a cheeky grin, a dashing head of red hair or a swagger to their walk that makes them stand out in a crowd. But to be honest we are hoping that someone will come along and surprise us by offering something we weren’t expecting – it’s going to be very exciting.”

The lucky duo chosen will find out before the whole of Northern Ireland what the secret Musgrave project is all about.

Desi continued: “We are remaining tight-lipped about the details but what we can reveal is that the lucky ones chosen will be part of an incredible experience they will never forget and they could even become a well-known face in Northern Ireland.”

Informal auditions will take place in The MAC on Saturday March 3rd between 10am and 12pm.  Only children 5 and over can attend.  Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Musgrave employees are not eligible to audition.  Winners must be free for the week of March 5th.  No fee provided. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions about the open casting.

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