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NIFDA brings European food export partners to Belfast

L to R: Michael Bell (NIFDA Executive Director), Fernando Méndez-Navia (DEX), Roberto Morán Ramallal (ASINCAR), Linda Grant (BIC Innovation), Maelle Muller (Chambre d’Agriculture de la Dordogne), Ivan McCutcheon (Cork City Council), Andrea Lepe (Cámara Comercio Sevilla), Russell Roberts (Welsh Government), Harry Hamilton (HH Consulting)

Food and drink SMEs in Northern Ireland which are looking to break into global markets are benefitting from a €1.8million EU-funded programme which aims to increase competitiveness and drive export sales.

Delivered locally by the Northern Ireland Food and Drink Association (NIFDA), the Atlantic Area Export Project brings together partners from France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and the United Kingdom, creating a collaborative network of companies and organisations which are embarking on their export journey.

Over 45 member delegates recently attended a 2-day event in Belfast to present and discuss the latest export development opportunities across the participating regions.

NIFDA Executive Director Michael Bell said,

“The focus of the Atlantic Area Export Programme is on helping SMEs in the food and drink sector overcome the barriers they face when they seek to expand their markets and export goods across international borders.

“This event offered our partners from across Europe the chance to learn more about what the Northern Irish food & drink market has to offer and explore the opportunities of collaborative working. The event was a mutual learning opportunity for both international delegates and Northern Irish representatives to learn more about harnessing exportation and creating a clear route to their end market.”

Similar networking events will be staged in other member regions throughout the next year.

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