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Chipmongers Fest in Northern Ireland

Chipmongers retailer, Colin Doherty, on ‘saxophone’, and his partner, Sabrina Filler, ‘lead singer’, are joined by ‘guitarist’ James Kincaid, to celebrate the opening of their new store in Limavady, creating 12 jobs and bringing £130k investment to the local area.

Chipmongers has launched a limited-edition music themed menu called, Chipmongers Fest, which will run for 6 weeks, from Wednesday 12th September to Wednesday 24th October, and will be available at the Belfast, Lisburn, Ballymena and Limavady stores.

There are now Chipmongers outlets in Belfast, Lisburn, Ballymena and now Limavady, and the food is proving to be a huge hit with Northern Ireland consumers.

Maurice Cusack, Marketing Manager, Chipmongers, said: “Our Chipmongers outlets have all the usual favourites but with a modern twist, including the Chipmonger Burger which has a ‘satisfying crunch’, 4oz of 100% fresh Irish beef burger, crispy onions, smoked cheese, mixed leaves topped with hickory BBQ sauce served on lightly toasted brioche bun.  The menu is so varied that there is something there to suit every taste.”

The menu has lots of tempting treats, explained Maurice.  “We have the soul inspired ‘Sweet & Smokey Robinson’ chicken burger, with delicious southern fried chicken, smoked bacon and sweet maple syrup. Our blues inspired ‘BB Kinger’ burger features our 4oz fresh beef burgers with caramelised onions, smoked bacon and blue cheese toppings. The ‘Limp Brisket’ is our rock n’ roll inspired Topped chips with our slow cooked pulled beef brisket. Finally, our pop inspired dessert ‘Ed Churros’, fried dough pastry covered with everyone’s favourite chocolate sauce and sugar.”

Retail and wholesale giant, Musgrave, recently opened a fourth Chipmongers franchise in Northern Ireland, located on the Ballyquin Road in Limavady. The new store created 12 jobs and brought £130k investment to the local area.

For more information visit  Download and order from their Chipmongers App.

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