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Industry charity sparks conversation around mental health

Recent findings by Mind, the mental health charity, show that one in five workers take a day off due to stress, yet a staggering 95% cite a different reason for their absence to their employer. This suggests people are still reticent to talk about stress and other mental health issues.

To highlight how they can help grocery colleagues in times of crisis, GroceryAid has released its latest film, Martin’s story.

Following the loss of his father and a stressful period at work, Martin struggled to quieten his mind and his mental wellbeing deteriorated. He left work and suffered a breakdown.

After being told about GroceryAid by his company’s HR team, Martin reached out to the industry charity. He received counselling and learnt mindfulness techniques which gave him the ability to quieten his mind and make a full recovery. Since returning to work, Martin has been part of a HR initiative which introduced a mental health walk to encourage colleagues to take time away from their desk and talk.

“Evidence shows that mental ill-health has now surpassed musculoskeletal disorders as the leading cause of absenteeism at 57.3% of the 26.8 million work days lost to ill health each year,” said Mandi Leonard, welfare director at GroceryAid. “GroceryAid is proud to support colleagues throughout the grocery sector who are struggling with their mental health through our counselling sessions, online CBT programme, Mindfulness book and Health and Wellbeing portal. The services are available for all grocery colleagues and their immediate family, regardless of length of employment in the sector and are free to access for both employers and employees. We are very grateful to Martin for sharing his story and Costcutter for signposting their team to the GroceryAid Helpline.”

Contact the GroceryAid Helpline free on 08088 021122 or via Live Chat at www.groceryaid.org.uk, available 24/7/365.

You can watch the film here: https://www.groceryaid.org.uk/our-impact/our-stories/martins-story/.

GroceryAid is also encouraging the industry to share Martin’s story and help raise awareness to those in need, via social media, by forwarding to colleagues and friends.

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