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Musgrave MarketPlace predicts the festive favourites we’ll stock up on in Christmas 2019

‘Tis the season to be merry and bright, and for lots of Irish people that involves stocking up on their favourite Christmas treats according to new figures released by Musgrave MarketPlace this morning. Ireland’s leading wholesale supplier to foodservice, retail and SMEs is predicting that this year sales of crisps, chocolate and biscuits will increase by 6%.

Musgrave MarketPlace released the figures today as part of its ‘Christmas Made’ campaign which offers customers everything they need for a perfect Christmas under one roof from confectionery and Christmas trees to desserts and hampers!

Between now and Christmas, Musgrave MarketPlace predicts they will sell over 20,000 tins of Jacobs biscuits which amounts to over 1 million individual biscuits! They will also sell 2,600 cases of Jaffa Cake Yards, 29,200 bags or tins of Roses, 46,000 units of Milk Tray and a whopping 839,682 bags of Tayto crisps.

The most popular Jacob’s Biscuits product sold at Musgrave MarketPlace is the ‘Afternoon Tea Tin’ assortment, and this Christmas we’ll munch our way through 351,648 of these delicious treats. In addition, we’ll also devour 133,200 ‘Chocolate Kimberleys’ and over a quarter of a million (227,000) USA biscuits.

McVitie’s Jaffa Yard will also return to Musgrave MarketPlace this year and will sell over 2,600 cases, amounting to over 104,000 Jaffa Cakes!

Cadbury Roses are a generational favourite among Irish consumers. Their presence in kitchen cupboards across the country are a sure sign that Christmas is only around the corner. Musgrave Marketplace expects to sell 29,200 units of Cadbury Roses this Christmas in tub and bag form, which equates to an astronomic 11.6 tonnes of Roses!

For those who prefer salt to sweet for their holiday treat, crisps are always a must at Christmas. This festive season Musgrave MarketPlace predicts that approximately 19,797 cases of the iconic Tayto crisps will be snapped up, that’s whopping 839,682 bags of Tayto!

Milk Tray man will be busy this Christmas as Musgrave MarketPlace are set to top 46,000 units this year, equating to 1,655,200 chocolates. The Nestlé Dairy Box selection is also expected to sell an enormous 29,728 boxes of the sweet treat which is 1,189,000 chocolates!

Commenting on the seasonal stats, Ciara McClafferty, Trading Director at Musgrave MarketPlace, said: “Christmas is a time for tradition, friends, family and, of course, food. As Ireland’s leading wholesale supplier to foodservice, retail and SMEs, we see a sharp rise in demand for traditional Christmas treats like crisps, chocolate, biscuits and fizzy drinks. In keeping with previous years, we predict a seasonal spike in confectionery sales of 6%. We are fully stocked up on all Christmas treats for 2019 and look forward to welcoming our customers in our branches over the next few weeks.”

  • 1 million Jacob’s Biscuits and 100,000 Jaffa Cakes will be bought in Musgrave MarketPlace this Christmas
  • 839,682 bags of Tayto crisps will be sold in branch over the coming weeks
  • 29,200 tubs and bags of Cadbury’s Roses will be purchased in Musgrave MarketPlace across the festive season 
  • 29,728 boxes of Dairy Box, which equates to almost 1,200,000 sweets which will be bought at Musgrave MarketPlace
  • 46,000 boxes of Milk Tray will be snapped up by Musgrave MarketPlace customers


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