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UFU creates Covid-19 FAQ document to help members

Ivor Ferguson, president, UFU.

Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) has produced a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document to support farmers during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The content contains relevant information on the most common queries that UFU has received from members relating to the illness and its impact on the agri-food industry. There is a section dedicated to each commodity/sector and the document will be updated regularly.

“As key workers farmers are continuing to produce high-quality food for the country during this pandemic while adhering to NHS advice,” said Ivor Ferguson, president, UFU.

“With so much changing around them it is only normal that they have questions about Covid-19 and how it is affecting their commodity. We received a large volume of queries over the past few weeks from our members and common issues arose.

“The UFU’s Covid-19 FAQ document addresses these concerns that our members have. It contains up-to-date information, support and advice for family-run farm businesses during this challenging time.

“The Covid-19 FAQ document will assist farm families as they go about their daily business and will provide reassurance for our members. The document will be on our website and social media channels to ensure farmers can access the information easily whenever they may need it.

“The UFU will continue to do whatever it can to help members during the biggest health challenge of our generation. Should members have a question that is not in the document or require further support, we urge them to contact us.”

UFU members can contact UFU HQ on 028 90 370 222 or email [email protected] The document can be found by clicking on the following link:

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