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Mash Direct invites sports teams to compete for £5,000 sponsorship package

Mash Direct has launched a new sports campaign – the Mash Direct Champ-ionships – today, offering teams across the country the opportunity to win a £5,000 sponsorship package which includes a Mash Direct-branded playing kit for the forthcoming season.

With Covid-19 resulting in the temporary closure of many sports teams and preventing people from enjoying certain fitness activities, Mash Direct hopes the campaign with help UK and RoI sports teams to recover and is part of the brand’s overall commitment to support health and wellbeing.

Mash Direct has paused advertising on Facebook until it has taken further action against racism and hate speech and is instead putting these funds to better use by supporting local sectors which have been significantly impacted by the pandemic.

In order to enter the Mash Direct Champ-ionships, teams will be required to complete an application form (, detailing why they are the most suitable team to win the £5,000 sponsorship package. Teams will then create a short video showcasing their skills and incorporating Mash Direct into their training sessions.

Applications will be judged by a variety of sporting stars and personalities who will decide on who they think is most deserving of the prize.

“We are excited to be launching the Champ-ionships campaign to support the sporting community to recover from Covid-19 and to encourage an active lifestyle,” said Jack Hamilton, chief operations officer at Mash Direct. “Our range of award-winning vegetable accompaniments are perfect for consumers that play sports and regularly exercise, and we hope that this initiative encourages consumers to incorporate delicious and high-quality veg in their daily diet.”

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