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Henderson Retail debuts electronic shelf edge price display labels

Henderson Retail debuts electronic shelf edge price display labels

Henderson Retail could potentially invest £2m in rolling out the Electronic Shelf Edge Labelling technology across its company-owned store network.

Henderson Retail debuts electronic shelf edge price display labels

From left, Liam Russell, store manager of EUROSPAR Glenwell, and Aidan McIvor, area manager, Henderson Group.

Henderson Retail is trialling new digital shelf edge pricing, created by Henderson Technology, at the recently renovated EUROSPAR Glenwell in Glengormley. If successful, the technology could potentially be rolled out across Henderson Retail’s company-owned store network.

EUROSPAR Glenwell has just unveiled its £665,000 extension and complete store refurbishment to shoppers, including additional parking spaces, upgrades to its hot food counter, extended produce and butchery ranges, new customer toilets and an upgraded Post Office and entrance lobby. Further, 10% additional sales floor space allows hundreds of new products to be added to its already extensive fresh and grocery ranges.

The investment includes Henderson Technology’s Electronic Shelf Edge Labels and two additional self-scan checkouts which aim to enhance store efficiency and give customers a choice between traditional service or self-service payment options.

“EUROSPAR Glenwell has expanded ranges, additional services, it is open 24 hours a day, which means efficient staffing is crucial to ensure a smooth running of the store,” said Mark McCammond, retail director, Henderson Group. “The implementation of Henderson Technology’s Electronic Shelf Edge Labels and self-scan checkouts will not only give our retailers greater efficiency but will make shopping easier for customers.”

The Henderson Retail trial will last for 12 weeks at EUROSPAR Glenwell, before potentially being rolled out to other EUROSPAR supermarkets in the company’s network.

“There is the potential to invest £2m to establish this tech innovation across our company-owned network of EUROSPARs,” said McCammond. “Three independent retailers have already installed the technology and are experiencing benefits which range from increased profits to savings from no longer needing to print the original card labels. This is a significant step forward in the future of retail and we’re excited to be introducing it in our store estate.”

EUROSPAR Glenwell has a long history of innovation; the store has grown tenfold over the last 20 years from its origins as a small 500-square-foot BP kiosk shop, to a modern 5,000-square-foot EUROSPAR Community Supermarket.

The recent renovations began in January, halting a couple of months later due to Covid-19. Henderson Group has invested over £1m in ensuring the safety of their staff and shoppers in store over the past five months, with the new features integrated into the build at the Glengormley supermarket.

Liam Russell, store manager at EUROSPAR Glenwell, says the renovation has allowed the store to offer further services. “We now have 34 bays of fresh, locally sourced produce including the Greengrocer’s range of fruit and vegetables and The Chef range of homemade meals, which has recently expanded with 14 new recipes including an Under 500 calorie range.

“Martin Grimes Butchery counter remains instore with extended ranges featuring locally sourced and freshly prepared ingredients, complemented by the Artisan range of smaller producers from across Northern Ireland.

“We’re excited to welcome our shoppers to the new look supermarket, and to reap the business benefits from new technology, enhanced ranges and services which enable us to deliver an even better experience for our loyal shoppers.”

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