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Derry’s Lo&Slo Sauces listed by Artisan Food Club in Britain

Lo & Slow Sauces in Derry has been listed by the influential Artisan Food Club in Britain for two of its spicy BBQ sauces.

The small artisan enterprise, founded and owned by Emily McCorkell, is supplying two original products: BBQ Sweet and Smoky Sauce and Sweet and Spicy Vinegar Mop, which have won Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards.

The sauces, both natural and vegan friendly, are based on premium ingredients and recipes McCorkell has developed from experience in the US and her conviction that grilled food is generally healthier.

The company has also started supplying the two sauces to Ruby and White Butchers and Food Hall in Bristol.

“I am thrilled by this important listing which gives me a foothold in Britain, which has long been a target market for me,” said McCorkell. “I am grateful for the support that Paul Clarke of En Place Foods, another Northern Ireland company, provided towards this listing, my first in Great Britain.

“The sauces are geared towards grilled meats which tend to be healthier because fat is able to drip away, leaving less fat on the food itself. My sauces also benefit from being cooked slowly.

“The distinctive Lo & Slo branding reflects my commitment the low temperature and slow cooking technique which ensures a healthier product with greater flavour.”

Influenced by her love of BBQ from her home in the US, Emily established the enterprise in 2018 to develop and market a range of sauces and has since expanded to offer rubs and seasonings as well as catering services by means of a street food van and at a popular bar/restaurant in the city.

The sauces and other products are available in the Derry region and through the Lo&Slo website.

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