Since it was founded in 1972, Ulster Grocer has been widely recognised and respected as the definitive voice of the Northern Ireland food retailing industry.

Covering all aspects of the trade from production to processing and supply, with a particular focus on retailing, Ulster Grocer offers an authoritative and comprehensive insight to the grocery trade in Northern Ireland , and is the key medium to reach the highly successful, independent retail sector which accounts for a significant share of overall Northern Ireland grocery spend.

Ulster Grocer is widely recognised as the leading trade magazine in its field, with an ABC audited and controlled circulation. Its content is a careful balance of in-depth features, focusing on key categories in the independent retail sector, as well as business advice articles, product news, personality and company profiles that open up the business of food processing and retailing to the readership in a digestible manner.

The January Yearbook is a bumper issue which provides a review of the previous year and contains commentary from key figures with regard to the year ahead. A vital element of the January Yearbook is the Trade Directory

Our annual Trade Directory in January, the ‘bible’ of the trade in Northern Ireland, not only features highly informative and very comprehensive editorial coverage of the independent retail trade, but also those all-important listings covering store information, company and agent indexes and details of brand availability.

“With a twelve month shelf life, it’s an issue no one can afford to miss!”